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Participant Inspired to Start Her Own Art Club
Published on January 31, 2022 by Peggy Melmoth


I want to share a lovely message we received on Facebook. Claire has given us permission to publish this testimonial.

Dear Peggy and Emma,

Hi, I just wanted to pop you a quick message to say a massive thanks.

I did a mindful art course with you guys through Devon Mind and it has inspired me to start my own voluntary at our local library, but I’m hoping I’m going to be expanding this soon.

It’s been really popular so far, there is a lovely group of people that come and I’ve made friends outside of the group too. I’ve also taken a mindfulness course and gained a diploma.

So I just wanted to thank you, happy Christmas and a happy New Year.

Keep doing your amazing work. So many people need this right now.

Lots of love

Claire x
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Rowan Edwards

Posted on February 2, 2022

Amazing message and great to see MAC's impact reaching even further into the community. Thanks so much for sharing Peggy!

Emma Sprawson

Posted on February 4, 2022

Thanks Rowan. Yes, messages like this are so motivating!