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"Java 17 Migration" Release v0.5.2-beta
Published on January 7, 2022 by Matthias Wilke

Just in time for making your new year's resolution of creating amazing games with LITIENGINE, we proudly present our latest update, packed with 250 commits over the last ten months!

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: LITIENGINE is now fully running on Java 17! In the future, we plan to keep the library updated to the latest stable jdk versions for you to utilize all the juicy new features Java has to offer.

To make building ingame UI more pleasant, the Slider, TextFieldComponent, and SpeechBubble components have seen massive updates.

Bugfixes and UX improvements for utiLITI will ensure a more smooth experience when handling the editor.

Apart from that, a lot has changed in our build and deployment pipeline and the repository is now utilizing GitHub actions instead of Travis CI. This goes along with a completely revised directory structure and proper separation of submodules. The way we bundle native libraries has been adapted and the dependency on steamworks4j has been removed. Please also take note of our changed contribution guidelines: it is now required to comply with the Java code style conventions we provide in the repository (see

Finally, a huge THANK YOU is in order: To all our tireless code contributors, to the community involved in discussing issues, to everyone providing help in our forum and on Discord, and lastly:
Thank you to our new Sponsors RajBet, Trust My Paper, CasinoHex Canada, and ej-technologies (in chronological order of sponsorships)!

What are you waiting for? Start the new year the right way: making games with LITIENGINE.

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LITIENGINE is available through Maven Central:
  • Gradle (Groovy)
    • implementation 'de.gurkenlabs:litiengine:0.5.2'
  • Gradle (Kotlin)
    • implementation("de.gurkenlabs:litiengine:0.5.2")
  • Maven
    •   <dependency>