Open Collective
Open Collective


low cost* technology solutions for human beings and other living creatures!


LibreComms. provides technological assistance and digital expertise for individuals and groups of like minded folks across diasporic communities, throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

We actively promote #NoBorders & seek to enable all the freedoms of the self.  #SomosUno

We provide one to one support for:
  • Mobile
  • PC
  • Web
LibreComms. promotes only the use of free, libre and open works and supports the ongoing development, deployment and continued operation of such non-proprietary services. 
  • Android
  • GNU+Linux
  • Web presence 
  • Secure Communications
  • Personal data protection and other self hosting solutions
Contact us via [Matrix]

We seek to facilitate:
  • community-server initiatives
  • distributed networks
  • micro-monitoring facilities;
to assist in the process of regenerative education through localised restorative farming practises.

We offer practical focused workshop seminars for small groups.  Accomodation Available.

Our team