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June Update
Published on July 14, 2021 by Ledgerback


Requests For Collaboration

Recently, Charlie Fisher came to the LDCRC Slack asking for assistance on how blockchain (and cryptocurrencies and DAOs) can be used for citizen-led governance of a revolving equity fund for land purchases.

If you are knowledgeable (or have the desire to learn) about this area or you are working on a project involving blockchain use-cases in financing land (or real estate) purchases, or you know someone who is, please send Charlie Fisher a message on Slack with your contact information and how you can help him on his project.

Here is Charlie Fisher’s initial message he posted on Slack detailing his project:

Hi! Not quite sure if I'm in the right place yet but I enjoyed going through the links above. I work for an architecture co-operative in Oxford and doing PhD research on citizen-led affordable housing models.

I landed here because I'm working with five councils in Oxfordshire (UK) to establish a £1-5m revolving equity fund for land purchase. Primarily for citizen-led housing but that's just the entry-point (rewilding, growing, energy).

In my job I help groups of people set up the legal, financial and people-organising basis for community land trusts including advice on withdrawable share offers. I'm just coming to the potential of scale through digital as I get involved in bigger schemes (e.g. I currently have the task of suggesting approaches to creative governance for a new Garden Village of over 2000 homes).

For the equity fund I'm trying to work out if we could use a form of citizen-governed distributed finance to sit alongside the co-operative organisations so a) we don't get slowed down by the structures that council officers/politicians sit within b) reduce cost and time-wastage of administering an equity fund manually and c) the value system for why projects get funded is discussed and decided at a neighbourhood or city scale.

This could be just the governance platform or it could be a token backed by stable land assets around Oxford.

I've been to courses and events on DAOs/DHOs/DiSCOs and my focus would still be on the human relationships - I don't yet know if incorporating ideas from blockchain/DLT projects will be a distraction to actually getting land projects funded. I'm used to running funding decisions on Loomio.

I've started
forming a list of examples but nothing that fits exactly so far. Getting involved in the Seeds community has been useful and the Greenpoint Land Reserve has similar elements.


Distroid Issue 9 is now available.