Open Collective
Open Collective
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Published on January 1, 2020 by Carlos Ballesteros Velasco

Today is the first day of 2020, and it is the beginning of a new year that will hopefully be even better than the previous one.

I started KorGE a few years ago with the hope of creating a free, easy-to-use Game Engine that could benefit from all the Kotlin awesome features, tooling and ecosystem.

2019 was a great year for KorGE: it included a lot of new features, bugfixes, and was updated to the latest versions of Kotlin, the documentation was improved, and new releases are now done by a CI using Github Actions allowing other maintainers to make new releases. Lot of people tried KorGE on 2019, and that trend will for sure continue on 2020. And even an educational-wrapper of KorGE was created by Nicolai Emig.

I also started a GitHub sponsor page to support KorGE and the other Korlibs libraries. I plan to invest the money gathered via GitHub sponsors these months to create a small Game Jam during 2020 with a few prizes to increase the visibility of the engine when the time is right.

Right now it should be important to focus on quality: improving the code documentation, improving the tools (gradle plugin and intelliJ plugin), and fixing the remaining issues and sharp edges. Once the most important issues are fixed, it will be time to further promote KorGE: Game Jams, assets, marketing, code samples and so on.

To make all this happen, I have decided to create this Open Collective. By one hand, this will help bringing new contributors, which will help to keep a faster pace (but have in mind that the contributors including me have life, and need to work to live), and improve the overall quality of the engine and the Korlibs stack, and this should help too to support the growth of the community with events, marketing, documentation, samples and support while keeping the engine completely free.

Let's begin this new journey together!

ā€“ soywiz