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KalaKrut Platform

Posted on February 1, 2022

Ours is a platform community of 90+ artists and services, associates and a large extended community of 300+. 
Presently, we are zero funded and not fully staffed. 
We use open source or freemium software and services that needs to be integrated. 

Our "Concepts to Crescendo" services include pre-, peri- and post-production workflows such as:
1. Concepts Creation
2. Event Planning and Management
3. Platform Events
4. Artist Provisioning 
5. Ticketing
6. Musical Contents Production Support
7.  Promotions and Distribution

We have ambitions to take the platform to next level with a web3 dApp that would be a portal for decentralized and transparent management of all above services through DAO, DAC, Marketplace for Auction, Buy, Sell of NFTs in media forms (text, video, images, metaverse), Gig Alerts, Job/Placements.

Your views and suggestions are precious to us. 

To join platform or discuss, do write to us. 

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