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Jha’asryel-Akquil Bishop


Founder of Noun Foundation, and Co-founder Streetlives

Jha’asryel-Akquil “Bishop” (they/them)  was born on March 15, 1996, in Georgetown, Guyana. Bishop is Social Researcher and Humanitarian whose professional career is spent as a Technical Specialist at Apple Inc.

Graduate of the Institute of Creative Arts

— National School of Theatre Arts and Drama

Georgetown, Guyana 2015.

They began their journey in civic services as a volunteer in 2009, serving in numerous capacities such as Youth Ambassador at Seventh  Summit of the Americas and Program Coordinator for Guyana-Barbados Cultural Exchange Program in 2015.

In 2016 they were forced to flee their homeland because of their sexuality, sexual identity, and expression. Since then, Bishop has been involved in the Human Rights, LGBTQIA+,  Youth and Family Services, Housing Stability, Technology, Health and Wellness, Police Brutality, Racial Justice, Climate Change, Immigration, and Philanthropic work to create change in New York City and across the U.S in their role as Executive Member of National Forum on Youth Homelessness, Co-chair of New York City Continuum of Care, Research Consultant at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, and Consultant to New York City Fund to End Youth and Family Homelessness.