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James Behzadi


About me:
I'm not a know-it-all, I'm a learn-it-all :)

I’m a technologist and passionate about entrepreneurship. I fell in love with computing in 90s. Back then internet was mostly on dial up connections and coding was not as easy as it is today. Why?! Well, you couldn't cheat by Googling stuff, because there was no Google yet!!

I’ve worked in roles across all 4 pillars of the STEM economy. I’ve worked as an engineer and scientist in both Government and private sectors. I’ve been a solo contributor and have led teams.

About Kintell:
  • Kintell is my latest brain-child and it stands for kindness & intelligence
  • We're an Australian tech company focusing on video-enabled learning solutions: from 1-to-1 expert advice for individuals to community engagement solutions for organisations. 
  • Our mission is to make knowledge and wisdom accessible to all