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Fiscal Host: Burnt Fen Creative

Making podcasts showing the power and impact of open source code and communities on universities, cities, governments, and the world


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Actively recording shows!

We are actively recording podcasts at the moment, with two podcasts already recorded. Our goal for the first season is 10 podcast guests; three more are scheduled, and we're excited about talking with them.
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Published on September 22, 2020 by Richard Littauer


We're a podcast that grew out of two different communities: Sustain and OSPO++. We showcase guests that have helped take open source code and helped it grow to where it affected universities, institutions, governments, and the world at large. Often, this has happened through an Open Source Program Office, so the term OSPO comes up frequently. However, we also focus on independent projects that have managed to make a difference at large. 

We're currently recording and in pre-production for our first season of 10 episodes. 

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