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Hyron is all of us

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"Our mission, being programmers in the world, can work less hard, and be more effective"

Hyron is a framework used to build backend application on NodeJS created to help programming work much simpler, with some outstanding benefits such as

  • Saving development time: thanks to its high reuse, partial automation, well-architected architecture and powerful plug-in capability, you can easily pair and make the most of community power
  • Easy to develop, maintain, expand: with high packaging capacity, and friendly interface, flexible, easy to use even for new people with centralized management model, allowing you to Easily manage source code, and build extremely powerful addons that can be customized to Hyron

We aims to develop an ecosystem, to help developers develop products more efficiently and easily. By maximizing effort, through maximum automation and reuse, improving workflows, leveraging the power of the developer community from around the world.

We are working hard to make Hyron better and better. We hope that we can turn Hyron into a top framework, and not just stop at NodeJS. Hyron will soon evolve to support multilingual and microservice support to develop large and complex projects easier and more efficient.

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