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Open Collective
Thanks for your support! Here's what we're up to.
Published on June 12, 2022 by John Starich

Thanks for all of your support! It's making a big difference.

Here's a quick update for what we've been up to lately!
Thus far, parallel service workers can boot up for each new executed process. 🎉 Next up is communication between processes. Specifically, we're implementing raw pipes so processes can pass information to one another, like the shell sending text output to the editor's terminal, or capturing the output of commands like go version.

A heads up: Pushes to the parallelism draft are a bit infrequent while we battle with quirks of Golang in Wasm environments. Those quirks have led to particularly difficult-to-debug crashes in the runtime. 💥

Feel free to reach out if you have a bug or feature that's been on your mind.

Thanks again for your continued support.