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This week in Grey Software 2020-08-03
Published on August 10, 2020 by Arsala Bangash

This week, we officially submitted our articles of incorporation, launched a blog on our website, and began drawing up slides for collaboration models with other organizations.

🖼️ Big Picture Org Stuff

Grey Software officially submitted it's not-for-profit articles of incorporation in Canada under the name Canada's Grey Software.

With this, we're able to setup a bank account for the org and connect our Paypal and Stripe accounts to start receiving money from donations and software purchases.

🐦 The birth of Twitter Focus

Our web dev portfolio student Avi built the first prototype of Twitter Focus, a web extension that allows you to hide the feed and What's Happening panel on Twitter so you can focus and control your experience!

❕Blog on

We integrated the new content feature from Nuxt.js to build a blog on our website. You can check out the blog here


There have been many questions about what Grey Software is and what it does. As an org that's only 3 months old, we're still figuring that out, and so we started a list of frequently asked questions here

🤝Collaboration Models

We've started to draw up a number of collaboration opportunities our org has here