Open Collective
Open Collective
Release 0.4.0
Published on October 21, 2018 by Michael Muré

This release mainly feature the Github importer, support for comment edition and an extensive UX rework for the CLI commands.

A new import/export framework has been added with its first offspring, the Github importer. This incremental importer will replicate into git-bug the Github issues, including the comment edition. Its complement, the exporter, is not that far away and will allow to use `git-bug` as an offline remote for Github.

This work on the importer really was a stress test on the data model and the code architecture. Part of that effort was to add support for comment edition. A new `EditCommentOperation` now allow to edit a previous comment while still keeping the data model immutable and conflict free. Due to its retroactive effect,the raw stream of operations does not anymore match what an UI should display. To remedy to that problem, the Snapshot, compiled from the stream of operations, now feature an properly processed Timeline.

Another important work, the CLI commands received a good UX cleanup to be generally more discoverable and better match the git experience. Annoyed to have to type a bug id or prefix for each command ? You can now use git bug select to have it selected implicitly for your next commands.

So, is it ready for prime time ? Not yet I'm afraid. A last needed important change to the data model is the rework of the identity management. This will likely be part of the next version, along with the Github exporter. Any help with that or any part of git-bug will be greatly appreciated. This is your time to make `git-bug` your tool.