Open Collective
Open Collective
Release 0.3.0
Published on September 17, 2018 by Michael Muré

This release feature mainly the work to make git-bug both future proof and efficient.

A new caching layer has been added to serve as a backend on top of the low-level access, index bugs and keep them in memory for long lasting scenario. The index is stored on disk and allow to query a repository with 10k bugs pretty much instantly.

A query language has been implemented to be able to filter and sort the bug list.

After research, the serialization format has been changed to JSON for an easier interoperability with any other tool that may want to pickup the format. While JSON is quite verbose, it does compress very well when stored in git. The new format is also versioned to be backward compatible. **Note that this is not in itself a backward compatible change, and bugs stored before will not be readable anymore.** git-bug is still not considered stable for real usage, but it's fairly close now.

Thanks to @vandesign, git-bug now has a logo !

And of course, the usual bug fixes and minor improvements.