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Grantmaking and free email addresses
Published on September 23, 2021 by Alanna Irving

We're excited to announce two new services that OCF is now offering hosted initiatives!


Fiscally hosted Initiatives can now make grants in their communities. Initiatives have full autonomy to create their own grant process and select grantees, while OCF handles all the IRS compliance and reporting. This opens up a new way to get money to people that does not require receipts before payment and does not become the payee's taxable income. See About Grantmaking and the Grantmaking Policy to learn more.

Free Custom Emails 

Access to many Google services is free, but it costs money to set up email boxes with your own custom domain and get full access to Google Workspace. We're able to offer initiatives this for free. Learn more and sign up.

If you have feedback or questions about either of these new offerings, come along to the next OCF Community Forum open call on Oct 1st, comment on this Update, or email us.
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