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Employment (with benefits!) through OCF
Published on September 15, 2022 by Alanna Irving

Did you know employment through OCF is an option? 

Collectives can put staff on payroll as W-2 employees, and offer benefits. Employees can be full time or part time, with no minimum number of hours (though 30 hrs/wk is the minimum for benefits). OCF now employs 20+ people, and the service continues to grow in popularity among Collectives. 

The newly expanded documentation offers more details about how it all works, health insurance, other benefits like retirement and wellness perks, and info on policies related to discrimination, classification, and termination. 

Please note, if your Collective is engaging a worker like an employee (setting their hours and directing their work), they may be required by law to be an employee, not an independent contractor (regulations can vary by location). We can help you determine the correct classification if you're not sure. 

Learn more about employment through OCF

As always, feel free to email with any questions.
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Kayla E

Posted on September 15, 2022

Also, check out this FAQ for some additional context.