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Employment, new video walkthru, updates, & OCF zoom this Friday
Published on November 4, 2021 by Alanna Irving

We've got a lot of great news to share with OCF initiatives!

New Onboarding Video

Have you ever wanted someone to personally explain how everything works on Open Collective? OCF team member Mike has created an awesome walkthrough video that covers all the ins and outs. If you still have questions after watching, book an onboarding call with Mike.


OCF now offers employment for initiative workers—with health insurance! Initiatives decide what roles to create, how much to pay people, and who to hire, while OCF takes care of payroll, legals, liability, and all the paperwork. Employees can be part time or full time. Learn more about employment through OCF.


We've gathered highlights from 26 inspiring OCF initiatives in the latest edition of Updates We Love. Across the country, initiatives are bringing solidarity and change to food, justice, education, health, technology, art, and more.

Open Collective Foundation is now asking all our initiatives to post at least one Update per calendar year. Updates can also be a link to an external post or video—we love videos and photos!

If you already post Updates about your activities regularly, you don’t need to do anything differently. If not, we’d love to see an Update before December 31st, about what funding has enabled for your initiative in 2021.

Stay in touch!

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