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2021 in review, forum this Friday, and work with OCF
Published on February 1, 2022 by Alanna Irving

Check out the OCF 2021 year in review to celebrate how we grew as a community last year, including an annual leaderboard, strategic overview, and links to so many amazing stories from initiatives.

The next community forum is on Friday this week. Come along to meet other initiatives, ask questions, learn, and get support.

We are seeking a couple people to work with us in small flexible part time roles (just a few hours a week):
  1. Data viz wiz - we'd love to find an infographics and visualization creator to join our growing Artist-Organizer Fellows program, to get a small monthly stipend to make content for, with, and about the OCF ecosystem. Email
  2. Spanish translator - the OC software platform can be used in Spanish, but the translation gets out of date whenever the app is updated. We want to support language accessibility by funding a translator to help out. Email
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