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Food Not Bombs Raleigh

Mutual aid distribution and community building. We provide clothes, toiletries, vegan food, and groceries, to anyone in need in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. We also seek to build & promote mutual aid projects & relationships.


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A small group within FNB that feels strongly about giving out hot meals & toiletries during the w...
Part of our Saturday Distro - Clothing, Shoes, Winter gear, Tents, etc EVERY Saturday from 3-5pm

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Growing food instead of lawns, sharing free education about growing your own food and seeking to ...

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Our Raleigh Food Not Bombs (FNB) chapter, is an autonomous collective that provides food, groceries, clothes and toiletries, to wherever it is needed in the community.  We collect donated items from members of the community, local groceries and food outlets. We distribute these donations in three main ways; free package delivery, free cooked meals, and free grocery distribution in downtown Raleigh. We also offer a couple of active projects within the collective such as Clothes Not Bombs and Food Not Lawns. Clothes Not Bombs seeks to provide free clothes, tents and shoes for those experiencing hardship. Food Not Lawns, is a network of gardeners who have volunteered their land to grow food for the community. We make meals and give out fresh produce for free from these gardens. In doing so we provide food as well as educational supportive experiences, surrounding plants and growing your own food.
In a culture devoted to profit, we, without restriction, share food, time and compassion with no expectations. We are not a charity, but mutual aid, striving to stand against the injustices pushed upon our community and we seek to make alliances with organizations who actively uplift the community. We advocate/provide healthy food options, raise awareness/provide educational resources and indiscriminately share support.  We believe that homelessness and food insecurity in general is inherently caused by capitalism, racism, and local gentrification.
Our society wastes so much, food is a right, not a privilege, we have plenty to share.


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UPDATE: April-September 2021

Happy Fall y'all! Thanks for your patience on our late update. We have been busy at work with mutual aid! This post will include our 2nd and 3rd quarter updates for this year. Despite the summer’s high temperatures, we were still downtown i...
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Published on September 30, 2021 by AR

First update

Hey comrades, just wanted to post a little update and introduce ourselves. The Raleigh chapter of FNB has been active since April of 2020 and we have expanded from weekly deliveries to a multitude of projects to share resources with our com...
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Published on April 25, 2021 by JM