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Pass on the P-EBT 2022! Help Spread the Word
Published on August 31, 2022 by Janna Cohen-Rosenthal

Hello FAVOR Supporters,

Last summer, we had our first successful campaign, Pass on the P-EBT, and we hope to raise even more funds this year! Please help us meet our goal and keep vital programs running as food prices rise.

This summer, every Boston Public School family was given two payments of $195.50 for each student, totaling $391. Some Boston families may not need all of these funds to purchase food. First, we want to encourage everyone to use their P-EBT card! The funds can easily be spent in supermarkets, online, and at the Roslindale Farmers Market (email back if you need any tips!).

Please be generous and donate to FAVOR with some or all of these funds. As a bonus, your donation will be tax-deductible if you itemize. We purchase healthy and fresh food for our programs each week, such as eggs, vegetables, and grains. Over 150 families at the Washington Beech & Archdale housing communities facing food insecurity (and the many other impacts of poverty) rely on our programs. Volunteers ask for no IDS or proof of income so that food is available to all. Residents are also volunteers and determine the foods that should be purchased. 

Por Favor, pass on your P-EBT and spread the word about this campaign today!

Forward this email or use this link

Thank you,

Janna, on behalf of Food Access Volunteers of Roslindale