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Fast XML Parser 3.2.0 is just live
Published on February 16, 2018 by Amit Gupta

Fast XML Parser has recently been launched with new features. Here is in the summary what it can do;

  • Transform XML to JS / JSON or vice versa
  • Works with node packages, in browser, and in CLI
  • Faster than any pure JS implementation.
  • It can handle big files (tested up to 100mb).
  • You can parse CDATA as separate property.
  • You can prefix attributes or group them to separate property. Or can ignore them from result completely.
  • You can parse tag's or attribute's value to premitive type: string, integer, float, or boolean. And can optionally decode for HTML char.
  • You can remove namespace from tag or attribute name while parsing
  • It supports boolean attributes, if configured.