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Open Collective
March Updates
Published on April 2, 2021 by Marak Squires

Released Versions:


[Improvement] Call `createTransaction` method once from within `finance.transactionDescription`

New datatype module

Added italian city names

Add more Indonesian names

Issue #1097: add bicycleType in the vehicle module

Update description of faker.random.objectElement #1131

Add support for en_GH locale #1130

Add ko address.postcode format

Improve faker.random.arrayElements performance

Create female/male_first_name.json in pl locale

perf(system): improve commonFileName, commonFileExt, fileType, directoryPath performance

Adds fr_BE locale

Integrate ESLint and Husky

Multiple Linting fixes ( working towards full lint and linting as part of CI / tests)

Give each faker instance its own random number generator

Seeding bug

Importing faker directly from locales fails

fileName() and filePath() have no extensions