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Improving the Ethereum open source code, community, and consensus through high quality EIPs and ERCs


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The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians was formed to build awareness about changing and macro circumstances within which the Ethereum community can self-organize to maximize technical opportunities with the highest quality, share ideas and work together effectively, online and in person, across national, organizational and other boundaries in the shortest lead time.

  • The Goal To keep Ethereum The Best It Can Technically Be.
  • The Mission: To Nurture Community Consensus on the technical direction and specification of Ethereum.
  • The Work: Primarily, high-quality Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), accepted by a consensus of the Community.

Read the entire Fellowship Principles for more background.

Ongoing work is done through the main website (Discourse forum) and the Scrolls wiki. There are tri-annual meetings (Councils) in Spring, Summer, and Fall, which are the main events that the overall group takes responsibility for gathering volunteers to organize.

Other in person events around Rings (working groups) or Regional meetups are self-organized.

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