Open Collective
Open Collective
Version 5 Launch
Published on February 23, 2022 by Liam Broza

Feb, 1st, 2022
  • Matchmaking Kyle & Vyachelsav
  • Editor uses the Engine Nayan
  • Editor scene loading is isomorphic with runtime Nayan
  • Equippables & Grabbables Hamza
  • Invite to location with nearby spawning Hamza
  • Comprehensive Typescript Error Checking Josh
  • Configurable Server App Settings via Admin Panel Kyle & Zulquarnain
  • Networked Cached Actions Gheric
  • Simplify Incoming & Outgoing Action Networking Gheric
  • Safe ECS exit queries & entity removal/recycling tags Gheric
  • 3x Optimized Logic & Scene Render Nate, Josh & Gheric
  • 5x Optimized Netcode via ECS Serialization Nate
  • CORS Proxy Ron & Kyle
  • Bone Matching for better avatar support Ron
  • Overhauled Animation & Camera System (towards true VR IK) Mohsen
  • First Person Head Decapitation Mohsen
  • Locomotion foot sync Mohsen
  • User Inventory & Trade via BIAB Integration Swarup’s Team, Kinjal, Zain, Josh
  • Project API MVP Josh
  • Dynamic System Injection Josh, Gheric
  • XRUI MVP Gheric
  • XRUI Loading Screen Gheric, Josh, Zain, Dhara
  • Testing Bot & Benchmark Deployment QA CI/CD Integration MVP Hanzla
  • Github Repository Auth for Private Project Install Ron
  • Engine State Refactor Abhishek
  • Finalised Performance Auto Tuning Josh, Gheric
  • Discord Oauth Kyle
  • Refactor nextjs public runtime config to simple process.env Kyle, Josh
  • Separate Docker Images for API, Instance, Analytics servers and Client Kyle
  • More granular deployment configuration Kyle
  • Use google STUN servers Kyle
  • Client UI QA & Refactor Zulquarnain
  • Admin UI QA & Refactor Zulquarnain & Kimenyi
  • Harmony UI QA & Refactor Kimenyi
  • Editor UI QA & Refactor Nayan & Fabrice