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State of XREngine - Update 4-11-2021 - Welcome to a new weekly series of announcements!
Published on April 12, 2022 by Liam Broza

This week we released 5.2! 
(Vaporwave Edition, Looking Sharp but less periwinkle in the future) (Release Notes Below)

Over a month of hard work refining version 5 with awesome improvements.
v0.5.2  What's Changed

Highlighted Features

  • Editor ux improvements by @NPatel10 in #5308
  • XRUI interactable modal improvements by @speigg in #5419
  • Ktx2 and meshopt integration by @dinomut1 in #5435
  • Pre-Cached & Synchronous Asset Loader by @HexaField in #5384
  • Improved transport reconnection logic by @barankyle in #5515
  • State sync for networked physics by @hamzzam in #5480
  • Teleportation controls in VR by @hamzzam in #5563
  • Light/Dark Mode by @zulqarnainhanif in #5586
  • UVOL loading effect & performance improvements by @rondoor124 in #5617
  • Update color scheme for editor by @zulqarnainhanif in #5504
  • Style scroll bars in editor #5593 by @kinjalravel in #5597

New team members: 

We welcome Dmitri Zagidulin as our new Project Architect. Dmitri is an expert in decentralized identity, storage and credential wallets, co-chair of Secure Data Storage Working Group at DIF, editor of multiple open standards, engineering lead on MIT DCC’s digital credential wallet, and a distributed database veteran.

Thank You To Our Core Contributors!


XR Foundation Ecosystem Updates:

NEW Project - Trove by  - Built on Unreal Engine + XR Engine

MetaSports Basketball ( (Built on XREngine Projects Platform) by
Now is in private beta with continuing updates planned this month
Final touches to the upcoming Character Creator (also character randomizer)
Further refinement to non-fungible NFT systems, the fungible Token system, ICP transaction transports .

Updates to Digital Beings Project from + 

All Changes

  • Fix Typescript Errors Not Failing CI/CD by @HexaField in #5363
  • Changes to build xrengine with projects by @hanzlamateen in #5339
  • Update by @michaelsharpe in #5350
  • Animation system update by @mohsenheydari in #5277
  • typescript nonsense by @HexaField in #5375
  • Editor ux improvements by @NPatel10 in #5308
  • Replace EditorEvents with Hookstate by @zulqarnainhanif in #5348
  • Added podName column to instance model. by @barankyle in #5369
  • Fix Avatars in Loopable Animation Model Component by @HexaField in #5392
  • Removed use of gameserver subdomains in Mediasoup announcedIp. by @barankyle in #5389
  • Delete Project Properly by @zulqarnainhanif in #5381
  • Improved media server reconnection. by @barankyle in #5393
  • updated spawn plate by @mrhegemon in #5417
  • Unify Tutorials and Docs by @HexaField in #5143
  • XRUI interactable modal improvements by @speigg in #5419
  • Fix model animation interact with the trigger volume by @rondoor124 in #5354
  • Fix obstacles positioned incorrectly by @HexaField in #5423
  • Physics engine improvements by @hamzzam in #5355
  • Fixed some bugs with authentication settings. by @barankyle in #5418
  • Fixed fetching of current closest users and their media. by @barankyle in #5412
  • Eliminate Global Scope for Server-Core tests and Fix Silent Failing Tests by @HexaField in #5276
  • Create Avatar by upload .glb file on admin system by @kimenyikevin in #5312
  • Test cases for some nodes and a Mouse movement bug fix in editor by @NPatel10 in #5426
  • Client core types by @kinjalravel in #5290
  • Improve static files cdn by @FabriceIRANKUNDA in #5309
  • Ktx2 and meshopt integration by @dinomut1 in #5435
  • Pre-Cached & Synchronous Asset Loader by @HexaField in #5384
  • Added root-builder to minikube build script by @hanzlamateen in #5440
  • Fix some interactive system errors while scene is loading by @speigg in #5439
  • Fixed a bug with seeding values. by @barankyle in #5446
  • Fix physics debug renderer not updating by @HexaField in #5441
  • Admin panel should use login modal by @kimenyikevin in #5438
  • Restored placing the instanceId in the URL. by @barankyle in #5454
  • Update bitecs by @HexaField in #5455
  • CORS Proxy Scene Parser Handled Explicitly by @HexaField in #5449
  • Improve scene loading typings & fix loading race by @speigg in #5468
  • Project Configurable Env Settings by @zulqarnainhanif in #5409
  • GLTF ECS Matrix Auto Update Bug Fixes by @HexaField in #5492
  • Add sorting to admin panel tables by @kimenyikevin in #5461
  • Location type not pre-populating in edit modal (Fix) by @kimenyikevin in #5494
  • Changes to initially load gameserver with location by @hanzlamateen in #5231
  • Graph changes on admin panel by @zulqarnainhanif in #5471
  • State sync for physics by @hamzzam in #5480
  • Netcode: Replace scrollViewCursor with shouldWrite arg by @HexaField in #5497
  • Issues in admin/avatars by @kimenyikevin in #5501
  • Multi-button Combination Input by @HexaField in #5499
  • Netcode Fix Fixed Tick Bug & No-change Desync by @HexaField in #5511
  • Miscellaneous VR bug fixes by @HexaField in #5512
  • Fixed bug in rendering private project information in upload modal. by @barankyle in #5510
  • Improved transport reconnection logic. by @barankyle in #5515
  • Update Color scheme for Editor by @zulqarnainhanif in #5504
  • Fixed a bug with minikube client local file loading. by @barankyle in #5482
  • Update Admin color scheme by @zulqarnainhanif in #5516
  • Clean user login by @FabriceIRANKUNDA in #5472
  • Added cluster autoscaler installation to AWS setup instructions. by @barankyle in #5527
  • Remove ownerIndex from NetworkObjectComponent by @HexaField in #5532
  • Express App Initialization Refactor by @HexaField in #5528
  • Animation System Update by @mohsenheydari in #5526
  • Removed all the mangers and replaced them with state and functions by @NPatel10 in #5533
  • hooks Type by @kinjalravel in #5539
  • Fix uploading large files by @indrajitsinh in #5546
  • Fix Typescript Errors by @HexaField in #5551
  • Update Admin Panel popup and drawer color scheme by @zulqarnainhanif in #5542
  • Fixed issues with OAuth by moving app.set('host') and ('port') by @barankyle in #5548
  • update color scheme in location panels by @zulqarnainhanif in #5550
  • Remove unnecessary param helper function by @HexaField in #5552
  • Verify Scope Tests by @HexaField in #5553
  • Add a minimalist mode with some show/hide buttons on location UI by @FabriceIRANKUNDA in #5436
  • designed ui for select avatar menu by @FabriceIRANKUNDA in #5517
  • Improved some admin project modals by @barankyle in #5537
  • Editor light node fix by @NPatel10 in #5556
  • Feathers service types - client core by @kinjalravel in #5462
  • HomePage Improvements by @zulqarnainhanif in #5558
  • Some Editor UI improvements and bug fixes by @NPatel10 in #5567
  • Update threejs to r139 by @HexaField in #5566
  • Reimplemented glTF Import/Export by @dinomut1 in #5571
  • Styling Improvements by @zulqarnainhanif in #5581
  • Avatar loading material effect by @rondoor124 in #5394
  • Resize Avatar in Avatar Load Pipeline by @HexaField in #5592
  • Replace FXAA with SMAA by @HexaField in #5594
  • Fixed [Admin] the pagination count of groups in admin are wrong #5574 by @kinjalravel in #5583
  • Style scroll bars in editor #5593 by @kinjalravel in #5597
  • Added npm upgrade in root dockerfile by @hanzlamateen in #5582
  • Improve login by magic link by @FabriceIRANKUNDA in #5580
  • add optional fields to MatchUserInterface by @XiaNi in #5610
  • Editor Project API bug fix by @HexaField in #5606
  • Removed unnecessary braces from Services #5602 by @kinjalravel in #5609
  • fixed Invite to Party issue #5573 by @kinjalravel in #5596
  • Minor readme/markdown formatting fixes. by @dmitrizagidulin in #5611
  • Fix location refresh issue by @FabriceIRANKUNDA in #5600
  • Merge Deps by @HexaField in #5555
  • Light/Dark Mode by @zulqarnainhanif in #5586
  • editor load fix, project settings api fix by @HexaField in #5614
  • UVOL Loading Effect & uvol 0.6 npm by @rondoor124 in #5617
  • Teleportation in VR by @hamzzam in #5563
  • SCSS Formatting config by @zulqarnainhanif in #5608
  • Fix pagination #5605 by @kinjalravel in #5607
  • Changes to add mediator in vite for minikube by @hanzlamateen in #5667
New Contributors
  • @michaelsharpe made their first contribution in #5350