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Universal Volumetric


Universal Volumetric encoding, decoding, and playback


The open source Universal Volumetric (".uvol") compressed interchange format for streaming mesh sequences. This project also includes a cross-platform player implementation using h.264 video for texture.

The initial version focuses on performance. Currently, single material mesh sequences of any length are supported. The next version will focus on higher compression ratio, streamability and integration into USD and glTF.

The current implementation uses the MIT-licensed Corto codec from CNR-ISTI Visual Computing Group, which has fast compression and especially fast decompression characteristics.

Collaborators Wanted!

If you are proficient in C++, python, JS, Unity/C#, or you want to support this project creatively or financially, please get in touch!


This tech was built in partnership with Wild Capture and others. You can see an example on Wild Capture's site, here:

Current uvol files consist of a .uvol binary, manifest file and video texture. Future versions will embed everything into the uvol binary or in a single MP4 container.

Currently playback works in WebGL with three.js and Unity. Android and iOS are in development, Unreal support is on the roadmap (intrepid C++ developers should be able to port this in a day by reading the source from other examples, since the core codec is C++ based).

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