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Elswick Solidarity Fund - please authorise payments! Food & Solidarity update!
Published on October 2, 2022 by Elswick Mutual Aid

If you DONATE Please reconfirm payments to the solidarity fund!
We have been informed that this month some contributors to the fund have been asked to authorise their payments again. You may have received an email like this:
f you do not reconfirm, payments will stop! This is due to an error by open collective. Please authorise your payments as soon as possible to ensure that we can keep distributing grants to support people in the West End at this time of huge financial pressures for many people.

Food and Solidarity are continuing to distribute food to people in the West End on a weekly basis, and to fight for our members.  If you're not yet a member join here, and tell friends, colleagues and neighbours about our work - 
Yesterday, we ran a prepaid meter workshop—drafting letters for members to utility companies. If you or someone you know has a prepaid meter you don't want, fill in the form!