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Still need more money
Published on December 8, 2021 by Michelle Joseph

It's coming to the end of the year and I'm looking at the budget. I'm honestly a bit stressed out. I have two couples and two singes in the Studio 6 Extended Stay. Each room is about $1,200 a month. Currently, everyone is paid up till the end of December. Beyond that I'm not sure what I'll do.

I still have people I'm trying to get their proper paperwork to be able to re-integrate into society. I have a woman requesting a new car seat for her baby. They live out at Camp Haven. Unexpected expenses come up that we weren't planning. Daniel broke his foot an I had to get him a knee scooter for him to be able to get around. Thankfully I found one at the charity shop.

I think you can see where this is going. Simply put if I don't get more money before the end of December the people in the hotel will have to go back to the streets. P has congestive heart failure his time on this earth is limited. He has been approved for emergency housing but it will still be a few more weeks. His case worker doesn't think his housing will come through before the end of the year.

S is a single older woman with a lot of health issues. She had leukemia and still hasn't bounced back from that. She tried living out at Camp Haven but it was just too much for her body to take. Since moving her into a hotel she has actually started to gain some much needed weight.

I can't tell these people that they may have to be out at the end of the year. Please if you have the funds consider donating more. I know most people are stretched to the extreme.  So, I know I'm asking a lot. 

Laurie Drucker

Posted on December 8, 2021

I think you are doing an awesome fabulous terrific job!!   In fact, I'm going to join forces with you.  I've been on my own all year assisting about 8 different unhoused folks.  I successfully got a DL and BC for 2 of them, so I understand the paperwork and the challenge.

We can do this!