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Open Collective
Rough week
Published on September 25, 2021 by Michelle Joseph

This past week was a bit rough emotionally and physically. But it was also very fulfilling. DBH managed to help Michelle M. move into her new apartment. We provided some basic necessities since it was already furnished. We also made sure she had pantry stables and a few things in the fridge/freezer to get started.

Stevie needed to get into a hotel since she was still recovering from a recent hospital stay. Ulcerative colitis has her very weak and she has lost a lot of weight. We paid for her hotel and made sure she had good wholesome food to help her regain strength and weight.

Our friend Dawn unfortunately went on a binge drinking. She weighs about a sack of potatoes so it doesn't take much for her to be over the edge. The 2 large bottles of vodka did a number on her. She was dehydrated and in the midst of a panic attack when the EMS took her off to the hospital. It was really sad to watch. 

All we can do is keep plugging along hoping to make a difference in lives. We acknowledge we can't do it all but reaching those we can, how we can, is what keeps us on this journey.