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Managing the money
Published on November 2, 2021 by Michelle Joseph

It's not easy trying to navigate spending money. I'm trying to be cautious, careful, and conservative. What helps is that I am in relationship with about 20 plus people. My sidekick Hillary has been assessing their individual needs. 

The most common thread we have found is that most just need their basic documents. Birth certificate, social security care, and some kind of identification. We've been mailing off for copies of birth certificates. The ones for Texas are easy and not very costly. However, its getting stuff from other states. No one seems to be in a rush to get things processed. 

We are making headway though with several. Melissa and Julian have been in a hotel. We've managed to get them both onto food stamps, both now have their birth certificates, and we are working on their health. They are now receiving the right medication and are getting stronger.

Julian had some outstanding non-moving traffic violations. The cost is about $700. Not much for some but too much for him. It has prohibited him from getting his identification. This has prevented him from getting a job. So, this week we are paying off this debt. 

We are looking at securing affordable housing for them. Until then we are committed to getting them to a place where they are self-sustaining. We could easily walk away after just doing one or two things for them but we feel that the money we get is best for a couple just like them. 

If we can identify one person or couple that need help and are willing to work with us then we are willing to commit to them. This couple has been clean and sober for quite awhile and they actually want to reintegrate into the work force. We aim to get them there.

We couldn't do any of it without the help of our supporters! Together we can make a difference for today!
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