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Annual charity hackathon bringing our community together to build websites for local non-profit organisations.


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Annual charity hackathon bringing our community together to build websites for local non-profit o...Read more

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2019 Participant Sign-Ups are Open

We have selected the non-profits for 2019's do_action Cape Town event and have opened up sign-ups! You can find all the information here:
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Published on April 15, 2019 by Hugh Lashbrooke


The WordPress Cape Town community is a network of developers, designers and website builders who believe that WordPress is the perfect platform for any organisation to use to build their online presence effectively. For the last five years, our community has hosted the doaction WordPress Charity Hackathon where we have spent a full day building brand new websites for a selection of local charities and NGOs. This year, for the sixth annual doaction event, we are going to be repeating this for a completely new set of eight charitable organisations.

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