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DevOps Kung Fu Mafia

Who are we?
Founded by DJ Schleen and Julio Jimenez, we are an open source community that is passionate about creating tools and utilities when there are none available, we have a cool automation idea, or we just get pissed off that the tools we find only work on one platform or are written in a stupid programing language. You'll notice that we program mainly in Go. That takes care of that platform problem.

Our beliefs
One of our core beliefs is that Security is simply an attribute of quality. We could've named ourselves the DevSecOps Kung Fu Mafia, or even the Rainbow Monkey Unicorn Pony Mafia, but the bottom line is Security is part of everything we do.

We believe in transparency and disclosure. This is why we generate Software Bill of Materials in CycloneDX format every time we commit code to a repository, and generate another that travels with every release we push out.

Want to contribute?
You'll find a and in every repository we create. We'd love to have you contribute to the community. Feel free to create a Pull Request! Get to know us, and we'll add you to the organization itself.

Office Hours
We don't have open office hours just yet, but plan on doing so in the future. Follow us on Twitter for announcements.

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