Open Collective
Open Collective
January 2020 #1
Published on January 5, 2020 by Taeyoon Choi

Dear supporters and friends

I'm happy to make the first update on Open Collective. It's exciting to share my research process and get help from my community. I've looked into a few fundraising options. I like Patreon because of many creators in the platform. I support 5 creators, and appreciate getting their updates. However, the updating structure felt too close to my existing mailing list on the tinyletter, which I want to keep free. I chose Open Collective because of their mission for transparency. I like how the platform encourages diligence and accountability with regards to funding. Open Collective treats money like code and data, it is something that can circulate and bring values to those who aspire to contribute. I want to try using it to give a deeper level of access into my research to my funders and backers.

My first fundraising goal is a research trip to Brazil. I'd like to participate in the ScuttleCamp, which is happening in Moinho, Brasilia in early June, 2020. Scuttlebutt is a decentralized protocol and social network. However, it is more than yet-another-technology. It's a weirdly magical experimentation in designing a better code of conduct, social norms and community. I got into using it a few years ago and found it to be a radically different alternative to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

[3D map of the Mesh Net at the DWEB Camp, made with cardboards]

The Scuttlebutt Consortium was very kind to invite me to the DWEB camp in 2019. I met many of the developers and contributors of Scuttlebutt and other decentralized/ distributed web protocols. I met Benedict Lau who's put together a wonderful documentation of the Mesh Net. I wrote about the experience on my news letter. I think this field and community is one of the most exciting place on the (outskirts of) Internet today.

All three photos belong to Luandro Vieira, who is a co-creator of Libre Router

Why is the camp happening in a remote village in Brazil? Luandro, one of the core organizers, has been working and living with Quilombo community there, building their own internet and peer to peer communication infrastructures. The camp is very much DIY, we will have to build our own toilets for example. The setting and people who are coming, will be a uniquely and radically anti-capitalistic exploration of technology and community. I'd like to join the camp, experience the convening, share my learning with everyone and this is the money that would be required for me to travel for 8 days.

  • Flight: $800
  • Ground transportation: $200
  • Camp registration: $250
  • Camping gears and garments: $300
  • Partial overhead of being away from my home and work: $450 ($50/day)

Grand sum: $2000

If I'm able to join the ScuttleCamp, I'd like to offer following to the backers.

  • Field notes during the camp.
  • Illustrated guide of the ScuttleCamp with maps and diagrams.
  • Acknowledgement on my website and future publications on the Distributed Web of Care

Thanks for your support and reading!