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Support Distribute Aid to increase the capacity of the U.S. grassroots network to serve the needs of their beneficiaries.


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Natural disasters including powerful hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, torrential rain storms and flooding; are on the rise across the US. People are forcibly displaced to survive these climate emergencies. Relief grassroots communities are having to respond to emergency situations now, more than ever to support the vulnerable communities that are affected.

Since 2021, we have been supporting relief responses across the country including: refugee resettlement programs and climate disasters. So far, we have coordinated 11 shipments of material aid, sourced bulk in-kind donations locally, and assisted with identifying the needs of groups across the country to direct material aid to where it is needed most. 

In addition, we have concentrated our efforts in building and connecting a community network of grassroots aid groups across different states so as to promote effective collaboration and encourage the sharing of resources.

We want to be able to guide groups in the right direction whether they be aid collection groups or service provision groups, and strengthen resilience across the supply chain.

Please donate to support our US team in their operations to increase the capacity of the U.S. grassroots network to serve the needs of their beneficiaries.  

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