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Project Impact & Conclusion
Published on May 10, 2022 by Taylor Fairbank

This month we want to share an in-depth view of the distributions we made earlier this year in the United States:

Our project at Fort Pickett concluded very successfully serving over 10,000 Afghan guests. Around 45% of them were children and the adults were an even mixture of men and women. We are very happy about the amount of people we have been able to support getting settled into their new lives in the US.  From October to January we were able to distribute some 815,000 items. The estimated value of items that were distributed for this project is just under $3 million dollars!!

After the last Afghan guest left, there were still a significant amount of remaining items on the military base. Thankfully, we were able to distribute the remaining items to five different grassroots organisations all working with Afghan resettlement in the US who had also been generously contributing to the Fort Pickett project. 683,000 items were sent from Fort Pickett to the local area in Virginia, Atlanta in Georgia, and Omaha in Nebraska which combined had a value of over $750,000.  ICNA, one of the Richmond orgs who received leftover aid from Fort Pickett, was even featured on the news.

Thank you very much for supporting DA! We are happy to have concluded our work at Fort Pickett and are tremendously grateful for your generosity which allows us to organise these aid projects.  If you'd like to continue to support our work in the US, Europe, Ukraine, and Lebanon, you can follow updates or make a donation on our main Open Collective page