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Tour de Planet - Software and Infrastructure

With the Tour de Planet we have now taken on a software project that we have probably never had in this dimension. Therefore I would like to show the staffing and the conditions of this project separately again.

What is the project about?

In general, the Tour de Planet is probably the largest bike tour ever. We started with nothing less to influence this year's COP26. Thousands of cyclists, skaters and everything that rolls will make their way to Glasgow in April. We want to set up a web application so that everyone can participate, even if it is only a partial route. This application is used to register, manage and display everything related to the tour. Local organizers want to know how many participants can be expected in their segment. Groups want to coordinate and drive together. The press would like to see current figures and be informed about local events. And somewhere we want to reward ourselves a little bit if we can see everything neatly processed on a map.

What are the goals and who is the target group?

For this we have organized a story mapping workshop. From this it came out that there are various groups or personas that will use the application.
The most important group are of course the participants who want to register and connect. Everyone who is interested should be up close. This means that we have to provide current information from the tour here and the data must be presented in a clean manner. This is the information that is of course also quickly made available to press representatives. To do this, journalists must have easy access to local organizers or speakers. The local organizers, on the other hand, also have administrative work with the tour, by having to update data or verify registrations.

Last but not least, the most important target group: all fellow human beings. Of course we want to get so much attention with the whole project that it reaches the last one in his living room. People from all parts of society are making their way here to set an example against climate change. Whether old, young, family or lone fighter ... Everyone moves here, even if it is only a small piece.

Why should someone support this project?

Now you might think: "This is a non-profit project, why don't they do it on a voluntary basis?" But it should start in a little over a month. A project in size cannot be carried out by a few in the evening. That is why we have to find ways to guarantee developers compensation for an exemption from their daily job. Of course, there are also expenses for infrastructure and organization. In order to get this on its feet and to be able to implement the application in the appropriate quality, everyone should support here. It is of course also about the fight against climate change. With a donation to this project you support actively, quickly and easily.

What happens to the money?

First and foremost, this money is about a budget for IT and websites of the Tour de Planet. So it is about the implementation of the above application. We do not want to put a lid on funding limits here, because such numbers can also deter. Such a project, professionally implemented in an agency, would quickly end up in the 6-digit range. We just want to compensate for other night work. That means with the money brought in here, we developers will take 1-3 days off together to be able to continue implementing the project. So it will flow directly into the compensation of lost wages. The Open Collective platform then creates the necessary transparency.
In addition to the compensation, of course, there is also the payment of infrastructure, which is again clearly presented here in the form of invoices in the portal.

Who is behind the project?

Behind the project are members of DevelopersForFuture, ParentsForuFuture und viele viele mehr


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