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Debian Gitlab

Make native Debian packages (.deb) of gitlab and its dependencies (mainly ruby, nodejs and golang libraries).


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Debian Gitlab is all of us

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This project make installation of gitlab on Debian server as easy as apt install gitlab wihtout any manual steps or configurations. It asks a few questions like domain name and configures everything automatically. Database, web server, TLS certificates are configured and one just have to visit the URL to start using the gitlab server.

We try to package all dependencies and components of gitlab written mainly in ruby, nodejs and golang, but since the number of nodejs dependencies are too huge, we are not able to package all of them and we use a hybrid approach of using as much packaged dependencies as possible, hoping to package all dependencies eventually.

Since gitlab releases are supported only for three months, we are not able to provide the package via official repositories, so we maintain unofficial for providing gitlab to users.

Gitlab Inc sponsored work on this project for 6+ years until recently. Now we are looking for the community to support it.

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