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CP Editor 6.7 is here!
Published on April 2, 2021 by Mohammad Ashar Khan

This version of cpeditor has fixed many bugs, added requested features, and stabilized the existing features. The complete changelog is mentioned below. Thank you for all your contributions.


  •  Open recent files. 
  •  Reveal the executable file in file manager.
  •  Use a dialog to open new contests.
  •  Choose detached execution terminal on Linux
  •  Add "save to file" in the context menu of the test cases.
  •  Customizable head comments.
  •  Now in C++, you can use relative paths to include headers files.
  •  Now you can set different compile commands and time limits for each tab by setting them in the context menu of the tabs.
  •  Now you can use the time limit from Competitive Companion as the time limit for the corresponding tab.
  •  Now the compiler works in the same directory as the source file, so that you can use relative paths in the compile command. For example, you can add `grader.cpp` to compile the source file with the grader in the same directory.
  •  TLE and RE verdicts.
  •  Now the preferences window pops up at the first launch of CP Editor.


  •  Fixed the diff viewer crashes when the output is empty.
  •  Fixed the background color of the diff viewer is black on Windows with the Dark Fusion theme.
  •  Fixed the old problem URL is not restored when opening an old file with that option on.
  •  Fixed the performance issue that makes the editor extremely slow when there are many lines.
  •  Now the code snippets won't be in the log file.
  •  Fixed crash when compiling twice in a row with large test cases.
  •  Fixed a hypothetical Undefined Behavior in testlib real number checker.
  •  Now you can use CF Tool to submit to Gym problems. 
  •  Fixed an issue where Message Box font was getting reset when using Fusion styles.
  •  Fixed Windows sometimes restarts during the setup.

Now the working directory when executing programs is:
  1.      The path of the executable file for C++;
  2.      The class path for Java;
  3.      The temp file path for Python.

    If you write to files with relative paths in your codes, you can use "Reveal Executable File" to find the outputs.