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Co-Creating Solidarity Economy Art


Participatory art workshop series to engage in solidarity economy political education, collaborative art making, distribution support, and artists stipends


A participatory art workshop series inviting artists to explore the question - “how can we expand our imagination of an economy where all can thrive while spotlighting examples already happening in our communities?” 
Through political education and highlighting examples of the solidarity economy, we guide artists to create art that can serve to visualize these tangible ‘alternatives.’  
We interview organizers stewarding projects that show the many different shapes of the solidarity economy on Turtle Island. We invite them to share their lived experiences based on themes related to a future economy they dream of. Artists participants create 2D visual art inspired by these short case stories. Bringing people into these moments emphasizes that the future of our dreams doesn’t have to be this far out destination - the solidarity economy is ancestrally rooted and happening all around us, ready for more to join.

Check out Cooperative Journal Media for an audio/visual gallery from our first workshop series.

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