Open Collective
Open Collective
1.1.2 version has been released
Published on January 19, 2023 by Evgeny Kralko

New features and enhancements:
  •  Commit Info view
  •  Create Repository command
  •  Error Notifications

Other fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed unexpected Console output clearing in some cases
  • Fixed Unstage action when it doesn’t work for newly created repository
  • Fixed not recognizing a newly created repository
  • Fixed tab renaming issue after drag&drop action
  • Fixed bug with 'Commits ahead origin' information when 'Commits to select' setting is equal to All
  • Improved 'Character difference' mode of the Difference area
  • Improved log by not displaying expected technical errors
  • Improved log by writing stack trace information only to the file
  • Improved log by adding tab information