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Fiscal Host: Mirjam Aulbach

Conference Buddy is for everyone who wants to attend a tech conference but is afraid to go alone. It's for everyone at tech events who is not comfortable being on their own all the time.


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Symetics GmbH

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Holderbaum GmbH

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What does it do?

Conference Buddy provides a platform to find companions for tech conferences. You can look for one or more person with whom you can attend a conference together. Support each other, find a familiar face between all these strangers. You will feel more at ease and comfortable just knowing you’re not alone. At the same time, you have the opportunity to help others to feel better! Let’s make tech events more approachable - one Buddy at a time.

Who can use it?

That's pretty simple: Everyone who feels like a bit of support at tech events would help them feel more at ease. At the same time it's for all you great folks out there who want's to be that kind of support! It doesn't matter if it's your first time or if you're an international speaker: You feel nervous or anxious about being around a lot of (stranger) people and interacting with them? Conference Buddy wants to help you feel more comfortable!

Who stands behind it?

That's me, Mirjam. I'm building Conference Buddy in my free time, on my own costs (and under my own rules :D)

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