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❀ COMPOST Issue 02 Release + Party ❀
Published on September 22, 2021 by Mai Ishikawa Sutton

Dear COMPOST readers + supporters,

It’s here! ISSUE 02: Inoculate, hot off the distributed press. 

This issue is about how we Inoculate networks with our consideration and attention, against the flattening, homogenizing forces of the internet. The dominant platforms have constructed an unimaginative reality, designing networks where the only visible relations that exist are those made legible and useful for extractive ends.

We are taking a step back; widening our scope and probing how we shape digital networks and how they shape us back. This issue contains eight creative pieces—(non)fiction, interactive media, and stories from the front lines of alternative networks built on care & solidarity. 

Read it on the World Wide Web:

Or read it on the Decentralized Web:
IPFS  —  ipns:// >> Accessible on Brave, Opera, or Agregore browsers.

Let us know what you think by tweeting at us at @COMPOSTmag or tooting at us on Fediverse at 

If you’re free this weekend, remember to register for our release party this Saturday!


P.S. We may or may be working on a playlist for Issue 02… and we MAY or may not have COMPOST stickers on their way. Stay tuned.