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Common Access Archive

A preservation archive for digital-born art and culture media that have been licensed under Creative Commons, Open Source or other open licenses.


Common Access Archive (CAA) is digital preservation repository serving art and culture media. It has a focus on digital-born content produced by contemporary artists and art writers. The mission is to ensure the long term preservation of those digital works using contemporary cloud storage service providers. CAA uses triple-redundant, geographically-distanced storage, provided by two independent cloud storage providers.

Common Access Archive is the nonprofit arm of Library Stack. Library Stack collects the metadata for digital-born art media and makes it available to libraries and their patrons. Library Stack's database includes standard copyright material (with clearance from the copyright holder) as well as the Creative Commons and other open license content held by CAA.

To ensure that the license rights of the objects in the collection are honored, files with open licenses (e.g. Creative Commons) are held separately from the Library Stack collection using the CAA repository. This separation ensures transparency and independent oversight for open-license creative works. Furthermore all files held in CAA are publicly available and free to access.

The CAA website is currently under development. Files in the CAA archive are also available by request through the Library Stack website.

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