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Chrome's Web Framework & Tools Performance Fund

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Chrome's Web Framework & Tools Performance Fund

Frameworks have been doing excellent work around improving performance in the last year. Chrome's framework fund was created because we want to support those efforts. We believe a healthy framework ecosystem is an essential part of the web platform. 

After careful consideration (and asking frameworks), we are particularly interested in supporting projects that tackle:

  • reducing initial bundle size
  • progressive delivery of resources after the initial bundle
  • improvements to meta frameworks (e.g. Next, Nuxt)
  • breaking javascript tasks into short chunks by default (e.g. application author writes their code in the canonical way, and the code is executed in short chunks)
  • underlying tools that affect all frameworks (e.g. webpack, parcel)
  • selective hydration and reducing hydration time

Submissions to the fund are now in review. Watch out for projects we'll be approving for funding!

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