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Taste of Wonderland

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A process, framework, and tool for collective intelligence, sense-making and transformation


A very brief overview of the Taste of Wonderland Process

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland

We are on a journey to clearly see the current reality facing those with mental illness and addiction, and to uncover possibilities that have been deemed unimaginable. We have chosen the story of Alice in Wonderland as a framework that inspires the imagination and curiosity – vital tools for reimagining lives.

This process of reimagining begins with the Hallway of Doors, where Alice struggled to get through the doors. Our Doors help to identify the struggles in the form of cracks and breakdowns that are currently happening in the mental health and community systems and in our lives. The cracks and breakdowns open up the breakthroughs and possibilities for the new.

The next step in the process surfaced out of Alice’s incessant crying at not being able to get through the doors which ended up causing the Pool of Tears. It is here that we explore what we are grieving and need to let go of. The grieving process is vital. It is here that innovation is born.

Once we have identified the indicators of change in the cracks and our pain points, we are ready to explore ‘what’s new’ by tapping into exciting new arenas of discovery — the microbiome, epigenetics, the biofield, equine and sound therapies etc. This is our Looking Glass, which as in Alice in Wonderland, is an alternative reality. These aren’t conceptual ideas; they are living innovations that reveal a whole new vista radiating what’s possible for our expansion, healing, and a much needed ray of hope for the journey ahead.

What makes the Taste of Wonderland truly unique, is the next step: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Here is where the ‘magic’ happens through the blending of ingredients from the Hall of Doors (cracks and breakdowns) The Pool of Tears (Pain points); and the Looking Glass (WOW ideas) into new concepts and opportunities. From here a new paradigm of wellbeing is emerging and concepts that are ready for testing and piloting.

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