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Cabal x Subjective Moderation, Mozilla Grant
Published on April 27, 2020 by Alexander Cobleigh

Hi friends!

Here’s a small update from the Cabal Club.

We recently wrote a grant application, spearheaded by cblgh, for Mozilla’s Fix The Internet Spring Lab.

The application centered on implementing a subjective moderation system for Cabal, something we had previously prototyped but not implemented into any of the clients. Happily, the application went through, and Cabal is now one of the 24 teams working in the 8 week lab!!!

The people working on moderation during the 8 week lab are James Halliday (substack), Kira Oakley (nettle), Nick Warner (nickwarner) and yours truly, Alexander Cobleigh (cblgh). We’ve spent the first week exploring the problem space, refactoring code to make implementing the moderation system easier, and reaching out to people to interview to make sure we implement a system that reflects people’s experiences and covers important real-life use cases.

<3 from us in the cabal club