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Bridge Foundry General Fund has been archived.

Bridge Foundry General Fund has been archived and is no longer active.

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Since 2009, Bridge Foundry has empowered people with technology through teaching and facilitating access, enlarging the community of people who give back and teach others. Bridge Foundry was instrumental in the creation of the learn to code movement. Using our open-source curricula and teaching techniques, hundreds of workshops in dozens of cities around the world have been organized and taught by volunteers.

Bridge Foundry’s primary focus is on expanding diversity in specific technology communities that we call bridges. Each bridge focuses on a specific technology or set of technologies, and shares open source curriculum and program materials with chapters across multiple geographies. Bridge Foundry supplies tools and operational support to the leaders of these chapters.

Bridge Foundry’s key differentiator from other tech training initiatives is its focus on training repeat participants as teachers. As teachers and leaders, Bridge Foundry volunteers learn to catch and correct disrespectful behavior in human interaction, along with gaps in technical understanding. While the focus is on technical skill development, we have anecdotal evidence that these skills also contribute to workplace transformation.

All of Bridge Foundry’s bridges and chapters focus on expanding diversity in tech via outreach to underrepresented groups. Seventy percent of workshop and outreach efforts are targeted primarily at women with the remaining 30% focusing on other underrepresented groups.

In the US, Bridge Foundry, Inc., is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. We support many community-based initiatives in the US and other countries through grants and open source curricula. We seek to operate with full transparency, please take a look:

Your tax-deductible sponsorship enables Bridge Foundry to sustain the programs that enable thousands of volunteers across the world to teach workshops and provide resources to women and others who are underserved in access to technology and tech skills.

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