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Medical aid for medics and medical field stations operating in conflict zones and other austere environments.

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Blood transfusion warmers and nasopharyngeal airway tubes delivered!

Another delivery of medical aid to Ukraine has completed. Our contribution consisted of blood transfusion warmers and more nasopharyngeal airway tubes. Thanks as always to...
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Published on March 16, 2023 by PhillC

First Delivery of 2023 to Bakhmut

Although it was sent at the end of last year, January 2023 saw our first aid delivery arrive where it is most needed in Ukraine. Working directly with medics operating in the Bakhmut area to understand their immediate needs, we provided nas...
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Published on January 26, 2023 by PhillC


Beginning with the 2022 overt Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Black Flag Medical team was spurred into action to support those suffering in the conflict zone.

Originally working with a local Ukrainian society, numerous journeys to the Ukrainian-Polish border were made, both delivering aid in the form of medical supplies and humanitarian aid, and helping refugees travel further into Europe. When the local Ukrainian society switched focus to supporting refugees already in their local area, Black Flag Medical decided to continue providing whatever medical aid they could to medical staff working in Ukraine.

Working with Operation Solidarity, and now the Solidarity Collectives, to distribute the tactical medical and surgical supplies to where they're needed most, Black Flag Medical delivered over €5500 worth of medical support in 2022. This was entirely funded from the team's own pocket and by donations from close family, friends or colleagues. Delivered kit included haemostatic gauze, emergency blankets, compression bandages, nasopharyngeal airway tubes, chest decompression needles, oximeters, tactical medical backpacks and trauma shears.

The desire now is to continue this important work, but expanding our funding base to provide even more aid and save more lives.

Although our primary focus remains Ukraine, we'll gladly consider supporting anyone who shares our values of equality, mutual aid and freedom, and is involved in the provision of medical aid in austere environments anywhere in the world