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Padampa Sangye Daylong Retreat with Lama Justin

Study the deep and pragmatic wisdom of Padampa Sangye; 12th century mahasiddha and founder of the Shije ("Pacification of Suffering") lineage

Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC-04:00)
Created by: Bhumisparsha


In this very special daylong retreat, Lama Justin will be sharing the deep, pragmatic, and prophetic wisdom of Padampa Sangye; 12th century mahasiddha and founder of the Shije ("Pacification of Suffering") lineage.

In particular, we will draw from the blessings of Padampa and his nonsectarian practice lineage as a portal for exploring the essential meaning of "Guru Yoga"; an ancient and utterly affirming spiritual technology that strengthens capacities for freedom and creative powers to overcome all obstacles arising on the path of liberation. Through a contemporary approach, Lama Justin invites everyone to join this open exploration of guru yoga as a radically transformative force for healing the suffering of the world directly, with full and open hearts. 

Click here to offer a suggested donation is $75. There is no minimum required to join and all donations are welcomed with gratitude.

Lama Justin welcomes everyone who is interested in learning more about Padampa Sanggye and the Shije lineage to join. Please come as you are and register via this Zoom link in order to reserve your spot!

Learn more about Padampa at Himalayan Art Resources:

"Dampa is associated with the area of Dingri in south Tsang where he spent much of his time. He was renowned as a pragmatic teacher who taught his male and female students through non-verbal gestures, the bestowing of auspicious objects, and verbal aphorisms and dialogues, through which he dispensed not only advice on spiritual practice but also on quotidian behavior. His teaching style was highly symbolic, with movements imbued with meaning. His appearance signified his asceticism and high level of yogic attainment: he wore little clothing or jewelry. Students from near and far came to learn from him; he is reported to have said that he had as many students as there were stars above Dingri.

Dampa is remembered for his support of women practitioners, and he was keenly aware of the specific mundane difficulties they had to overcome in order to devote their lives to practice. The Dingri One Hundred (ding ri brgya rtsa ma), taught to his students at Dingri Langkhor (glang 'khor), is probably the best-known work attributed to him. Many of his teachings were transmitted through his foremost disciple who was known as Kunga (kun dga', 1062-1124). It is assumed that Dampa knew the Tibetan language, but students such as Kunga translated his symbolic gestures and utterances and edited his writings."


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Retreat recording now available

Dear Padampa Sangye retreat contributors, Thank you for your generosity and for making this opportunity to meet Padampa possible. You can access the recording of the retreat by...
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