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Do you believe in Europe and do you want a new energy to run through the way politics is being done at the EU? Then you have to act now. Why? Because Volt Belgium is taking it to the next level. We are growing stronger each day and the flow of new members joining up every day makes us even more driven. This success has several causes: firstly our team of extremely motivated volunteers, literally working day and night to make the voice of Volt heard, secondly, the media-attention we have been receiving following our general assembly and thirdly and most importantly it is people like you with a passion for the European project but with just frustration about the direction in which the EU is going right now. People who are fed up with the rise of extreme-right politics all around Europe, who are tired of national parties incapable of looking beyond their own national interests. It's people longing for a positive alternative that wants to revitalise European politics and create a strong Union that stands for social inclusion, justice, smart governance and sustainability.


Volt Belgium is the Belgian branch of Volt Europa, a new pan-European progressive movement that stands for a new and inclusive way of doing politics. We are a very divers group of people, ranging from professionals to non-professionals, to students and experts. What we do all have in common is a love for our country and our continent, frustrations about the way the EU is functioning right now and a strong believe that with joined forces and a lot of commitment and energy we, the citizens of Europe, can change the way politics is done in the EU.

Meet our Belgian team: (insert pictures, with description of who is who and what their functions are)

Read more about Volt here on our website: Or see what the Belgian media had to say about us: Dutch: French:


Volt Belgium is growing faster then we ever could have hoped for. We already have local Volt-teams in 7 different cities and counting. This growth and our enormous expansions in members is proof for us that we are on the right track and that a lot of people were waiting for a positive change in EU politics. To make sure we can keep evolving at this rate we need enough resources. And that costs money. This is why we are counting on you to back our crowdfunding. Work together with us to make our voice be heard on each of the electoral acts in which Volt Belgium is participating.

The next couple of months are particularly exciting for Volt Belgium since we will be leading Volt’s first participation in an electoral act ever, namely: Brussels’ municipal elections on the 14th of October. However, we won’t stop after this first challenge, Volt Belgium will partake in an even bigger venture with the regional, federal and European elections taking place on the exact same day in 2019, making it a unique case for Volt in all the 28 EU member states and in the 30 countries where Volt is present.

We are convinced that with your support we can make our voices and opinions be heard in these elections and get Volt-members elected.


This project aims at funding the following expenses:

1) Campaign materials such as flyers, stickers, banners, t-shirts, and the printing of political brochures Estimated expense: €10.000,00

2) Mainstream Media messages and visibility Estimated expense: €5.000,00

3) Hiring our first full-timer responsible for the campaign during four months (who this person will be, will be decided on and communicated next week) Estimated expense: €10.000,00

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